Whirlpool AccuPop Listens to Your Microwave Popcorn for the Excellent Bag


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Bag of microwave popcornI do not know why it’s so tough to prepare dinner an ideal bag of microwave popcorn. My microwave has a one-touch popcorn setting that solely pops about half a bag. And after I strive adjusting the time manually, I wind up with a bag of charcoal. The key, it appears, is to linger across the microwave to hear for the fast popping to cease.

That, too, is the key behind equipment big Whirlpool’s new AccuPop microwave tech on show right here at CES 2014. It’s a easy concept that solves an actual drawback – AccuPop listens to your popcorn because it cooks, detecting when the popping slows down. When it seems like your bag is within the microwave popcorn candy spot, AccuPop stops heating to stop it from scorching.

There’s loads of far-more fanciful kitchen tech right here at CES, however lots of it’s largely conceptual. AccuPop truly solves an actual drawback. Hopefully, we’ll see it in use in much more microwaves sooner or later. As a result of let’s be trustworthy: Most of us Individuals use our microwaves virtually completely for zapping baggage of popcorn (and the occasional frozen burrito). Not that there is something incorrect with that.

Whirlpool’s AccuPop tech will probably be obtainable in larger finish microwaves in February 2014. Extra particulars will probably be made obtainable on the corporate’s web site at whirlpool.com.

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