How one can Teleport in Minecraft on PC or Console


  • You possibly can teleport nearly anyplace in Minecraft utilizing the “/tp” command.
  • You may have to allow cheats in your Minecraft world earlier than you may teleport.
  • As soon as energetic, you may teleport to different gamers, dimensions, or particular coordinates.

Minecraft worlds are large. Even within the vanilla model of the sport, a brand new world stretches for about 30 million blocks in every cardinal route — and that is not counting locations just like the Nether or the Finish.

Which means that even if you happen to’re quick, getting from one spot to a different can take ages. Fortunately, there are shortcuts.

In each the Java and Bedrock variations of Minecraft, you need to use command codes to teleport nearly anyplace, in addition to teleport different gamers. Here is how.

How one can teleport in Minecraft

Earlier than you may teleport, it’s essential to allow cheats in your Minecraft world. There are two methods to allow cheats relying on whether or not you are beginning a brand new world or enjoying in a single you’ve got already created, however they’re each easy. Try our article on how you can allow cheats for the total particulars.

As soon as you’ve got bought cheats energetic, press T in your keyboard or the precise D-pad button in your controller to open the chat menu. Then kind /tp.

At this level, you’ve got bought just a few totally different choices. One of the best and best method to teleport round is utilizing XYZ coordinates.

Each single location in Minecraft has distinctive XYZ coordinates. To seek out them within the Java version, press F3 in your keyboard (generally Fn + F3 if you happen to’re on a laptop computer). In Bedrock, pause the sport and click on Settings, then toggle on Present Coordinates within the Sport Settings menu.

You possibly can teleport to any location so long as you’ve gotten its coordinates. To do it, kind your command like this: /tp X Y Z.

So for instance, if you happen to’re making an attempt to teleport to the situation 70, 70, 70, you will kind: /tp 70 70 70.

Teleporting using a console command in Minecraft.

You may teleport instantly.

Mojang; William Antonelli/Insider

Should you’re undecided precisely the place you wish to go, however know which route you need, use the tilde key (~). Typing /tp ~70 ~70 ~70 will warp you 70 blocks east, 70 blocks into the air, and 70 blocks south from the place you are presently standing. To go the alternative instructions (west, down, north) add a minus signal earlier than the quantity.

You possibly can teleport different gamers, too. Simply kind their username earlier than the coordinates — so if you happen to’re making an attempt to teleport a participant named JohnDoe, you will kind: /tp JohnDoe 70 70 70.

And if all you need is to teleport your self to JohnDoe (or another participant), simply kind: /tp JohnDoe.

However beware that if you happen to’re not cautious, you may teleport your self into stable floor. Should you do that, your character will begin taking heavy injury and die in just a few seconds. You possibly can keep away from this by including the phrase true to the tip of your cheat — it will make the sport test if there are blocks on the location you are making an attempt to warp to, and cancel the teleport if it finds any.

Attempting to teleport in Minecraft with the "true" modifier, and showing the message saying that the teleport is invalid.

Including “true” to your teleport command will test to see if the vacation spot is protected.

Mojang; William Antonelli/Insider

Listed here are another fast teleport instructions:

  • /tp @a @s: Teleports each participant to you. Substitute @s with some coordinates to teleport them there as an alternative.
  • /tp @e[type=EnemyName] @s: Teleports each close by enemy of a sure kind on to you. Substitute the EnemyName placeholder with no matter mob you need.
  • /tp ~ 62 ~: This retains you in the identical cardinal instructions, however strikes you to sea degree altitude. This trick works for each coordinate — simply substitute any coordinate with a tilde if you wish to keep on that very same coordinate however change the others.

How one can teleport to The Nether and The Finish

Each recreation of Minecraft begins you within the Overworld, which is the dimension the place you will spend most of your time. Attending to the sport’s two different dimensions — The Nether and The Finish — normally takes particular gadgets.

However in Minecraft: Java Version, you may teleport between dimensions in seconds. To do that, you will mix the teleport cheat with a brand new command: “/execute.”

To teleport your self to a different dimension, open the chat field and kind: /execute in DimensionName run tp PlayerName ~ ~ ~.

252 102 151

Substitute the DimensionName placeholder with the world that you simply wish to warp to (you may select Overworld, The_Nether, or The_End), the PlayerName placeholder with the participant you wish to warp (depart it clean if you happen to’re warping your self), and the tildes with coordinates.

Two screenshots from Minecraft, showing how to teleport between dimensions.

It would take just a few moments on your recreation to load the brand new world when you teleport.

Mojang; William Antonelli/Insider

Watch out when selecting coordinates — each The Nether and The Finish have a lot totally different layouts than the Overworld, so it is easy to teleport your self straight into lava, a mountain, or a bottomless pit. And sadly, the “true” command does not work when switching dimensions.

One of the best technique is to journey between dimensions usually first, mark down some protected coordinates, then use these later.


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