Canada Student Visa – How To Apply

Apply for a Scholarships student visa to canada

Toronto metropolitan university, the next step is to obtain a Canadian student visa application packet from the CIC website or by contacting your local visa office or the Canadian embassy or consulate in your country. If you are from certain countries, you may also need a temporary residence permit (check here to see if you need a temporary residence permit), but this won’t complicate things too much as it will be processed at the same time as your study permit application .

To study in Canada, you need a Canadian Study Permit, which serves as a Canadian student visa for the duration of your stay. If your program or course of study is six months or less, you do not need a Canadian study permit. Still, it’s a good idea to apply for a residence permit before coming to Canada – otherwise, if you decide to go on to another program, you’ll have to leave Canada and apply for a study permit through a visa office.

Prepare and submit your visa application

Prepare your application If you meet all entry requirements, you can prepare your study permit application. Make sure you have gathered all the documents required for your country. Immigration officials reserve the right to refuse a study permit if they consider that the applicant has not met all requirements. Therefore, it makes sense to have your application reviewed by a qualified immigration official before submitting it.

Submitting Your Study Permit Application There are two ways to submit your application: Submitting an electronic application: Create an account on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website where you can submit your application electronically using scanned or electronic copies of documents submit application. Submitting a paper application: Collate and submit your paper application to the Visa Application Center (VAC) in your country.

Choose the right canada student visa

Canada is a leading destination for international students to study abroad for a quality education. Canada not only has high-quality education, but also has certain accommodation conditions for students who are willing to stay in China after graduation. Studying in Canada requires proof of sufficient financial means to cover tuition fees and living expenses.

Due to the quality of its world-class education, Canada has become a major study abroad center. It also offers multiple opportunities for foreign students to stay in the country after completing their studies. To study in Canada, you need to provide proof of funds to pay living and study expenses.


Types of student visas in canada

Many international students in Canada finish their studies with the hopes of obtaining work and remaining in Canada permanently. In certain Express Entry categories, students may be eligible for permanent residence without any work experience. Often though, students will apply for work and then a work visa to stay temporarily. After having gained academic and work experience in Canada, they may have more options to apply for Canadian permanent residency.

The document allowing international students to study in Canada is called a study permit rather than a study visa. The term ‘visa’ refers to a document which allows you to enter Canada, while a ‘permit’ allows you to participate in certain activities while residing in Canada, like working or studying!

Besides being a very popular tourist destination, Canada is also attractive to students. It is a highly developed country with a great teaching methodology and valuable degrees. That is why, a lot of people want to enroll their children in Canadian primary or secondary schools, while adults also want to start their undergraduate or graduate programs there. To be able to do this, the students must have a study visa and study permit.

Check the requirements for a student visa in canada


Check your eligibility Ensure you meet the eligibility requirements for a Canadian study permit. You require an acceptance letter from a DLI, proof of financial support, as well as a range of documents which vary depending on your countries of citizenship and residence.

There are several conditions which a student must meet to work while they are on their Canadian student visa. These conditions are to prevent illegal workers who want to just get a student status and not attend classes or get their degrees. However, students are allowed to work in these following instances:



The study also found that the Canadian immigration system is transparent and efficient Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada ensures that application information is always simple and accurate, and Global Affairs Canada and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada provide consistent information at all times.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will review eligibility criteria and procedures for international students to increase the transparency of the study permit application process, reduce application processing times and provide greater flexibility in the supporting documents used to determine whether applicants meet financial criteria

Application Form session will be Available for new students please check back

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